Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tangible Kabuki at GeekCon 2007

This was my GeekCon2007 project. Thanks to:
Project members: Dani Vardi, Tal Yaniv and Eyal "Person" Shachar
Performers: Dror Gill, Ayelet Yagil, Zvi Devir and Jeff Pulver
Photographers: Yaniv Golan and Alex Sirota

1. The TangibLaptop is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a laptop tangible multi-touch interface built by the GarageGeeks (Rafael Mizrahi, Ohad Pressman and Eyal "Person"). inspired by the reactable http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReacTable

2. The GeekCon un-convention get-together is a creative gathering happening with a goal to form a critical mass of technically oriented creative talented people that will think up, create and deploy ideas. Or it’s a short summer camp for geeks… Take your pick.

1+2=3. Taking it one step further, instead of using physical small hand size objects, YOU will be the players in a musical part by wearing masks. Together, we create a musical part where you can take part by wearing fiducial masks detected by the Tangible laptop.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tarazi Per Capita Exhibition

Few months ago I was honored to join the studio of the designer Ezri Tarazi.
My first contribution will be part of the 'per capita' exhibition in Tel Aviv from 06 - 27 september 2007.
As usual, image processing, motion detection, and users experiance.

The table that you see on the invitation is called a 'search table' which will be on show, was created by using the first few hundreds of images that were hit when the word 'table' was clicked in the google search engine. the images were 'sawn' to flat surfaces printed directly upon the aluminum plate, creating the overall table structure.

More images at flickr set