Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mono-Inside, yet another enterprise application

At the beginning of 2006 I was leading the PacificEdge customer porting project at Mainsoft. Using Visual MainWin for J2EE (with mono-inside technology :) we delivered in just few months, A J2EE version of PacificEdge Portfolio project management web application running on Tomcat/Linux.

The PacificEdge Portfolio application is a rich web UI application with hundreds of pages, menus, AJAX, ASHX handlers, you name it.
Frankly, during the first WebEx demonstration, in which the customer demonstrate us how the application works, we where giggling (nervously) to see all those web widgets, popup menus, grids and charts.

Well, we made it happen, and the application is running on Tomcat on top of RedHat Enterprise server.

The J2EE version utilizes the same 1 Million Lines of C# source code and Dundas charting control.
Just to emphasis the Single-Source strategy of running a J2EE application using .NET source code; the amount of code changes made during the project, where no more than 0.5% of the entire source code.

"Pacific Edge looked at implementing our product as a set of Web services to interface in a loosely-coupled manner with our partners' applications, but that didn't meet some of our key technical requirements, such as the need for tight integration at the user interface level, as well as high performance of the application as a whole. Our only other alternative was to completely rewrite Mariner as a Java application." John Scumniotales, VP PacificEdge

John Scumniotales, VP Products for Pacific Edge Software, did one better. He hired Mainsoft to port Mariner to Java & Linux, saving $5 million savings over an application rewrite. Read the full case study at:

Mono and Mainsoft,
Thumbs Up !

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

GeekCon 2006 - Im In

As the “The Lawnmower Man” say at the end of the movie: "I'm In" !!!

After months of nagging a friend of mine, I finally got the exclusive private invitation to the closed event of GeekCon 2006.

Some examples from last year GeekCon 2005 conference projects.

GeekCon 2006 projects

That's it. I'm officially a geek.
SDR - Source, Debug and ReDeploy !

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Open Space Motion Detector Monkey

You primates are not going to believe was I just assembled.
Seating in open space in an inner cubic, you never know when someone will surprise you from behind.
And being a mono-project contributor, I always thought that I should get some ape doll.

Well, I got two of these wishes on the price of one !
Sick of people sneaking behind your back, surprising you in the middle of a flash game or while you are watching nude.
I give you, the Open Space Motion Detector Monkey,
It screams and rattles, whenever you are in his sight.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

IDF - Hisbala fight at south Lebanon

Itay Angel – Israeli journalist, joined, at the beginning of August 2006, to IDF- Hisbala fight at south Lebanon.
The most shivering news cast from Lebanon and top rating show that week.
I’m only sorry that there are no English subtitles.