Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tech.Ed Microsoft and Open Source

Attending Microsoft Thech.Ed at Amsterdam was great. I mostly enjoyed meeting with people, than listening to lectures. The second day I was wearing the mono T-Shirt which got so much attention so I decided to wear it for the next 3 days.

I was at the Open source session (small session with apx. 60 people)
CHT053 Microsoft and Open Source
Mark Thompson , Thomas Lee , Steven Adler , Ash Pal
Session description: Many customers have questions about Microsoft’s view of Open Source and its ability to coexist and interoperate in a Microsoft environment. The session aims to answer your questions about Open Source and provide information and guidance on Microsoft’s position on open Source.

At the beginning we were asked to raise questions, and then we discussed them. Here is a brief of the issues raised by the hostile audience:
(most of the clear answers were answered by us)
Statement: Business intellectual property
Statement: Wiks – open source installation
Q: Why do the open sources projects of Microsoft have a special license and not GPL license?
A: blah,blah,,, intellectual property, blah,blah, CPL.

Q: Will Webmatrix be supported on .NET v2
A: Yes

Q: will Microsoft ever sue mono?
A: blah,blah,,,nobody wants to go to court, blah,blah,, no one can promise anything, blah,blah,,,mono is not a threat (yet;).

Q: Do you have a wiki for .NET?
A: flexwiki

Q: Why MS pricing is so low? It is almost free as in open source projects.
A: Do you wish that we will increase our price?

Q: Why does Microsoft diverting from standards?
A: blah,blah,,,TCPIP,,blah,blah,,,interop,,blah,blah

Q: Does MS licensing other vendors software?
A: Yes. GIF,Mainsoft in Internet explorer.

Q: Code access to see Microsoft sources.
A: No. SSCLI can be viewed.

Q: Why doesn’t Microsoft invests more in interop with other platforms?
A: blah,blah,,,Microsoft invest where the business is.

Q: OpenDoc?
A: Officec12 supports xml format of office documents.

Question that where asked, but did not have the time to answer:

  • Mambo
  • Blackdog
  • DotNetNuke, IBuySpy portal
  • Eclipse
  • Patents.