Sunday, January 26, 2014

DLD 2014 - Innovation & Creativity - The Smart and The Useless

Rafael Mizrahi shows us a deep inside view of Israeli's un-conferences and maker's scene. GarageGeeks, GeekCon, MuseNet, and Kinnernet are un-conferences for makers and robotics, thousands of peoples are meeting each other for creation and innovations.

Rafael himself started with different innovations: home-made games, guitars that teaches you to play, TRON costumes, later a robot played a guitar, a virtual skater game was remodeled into a real game using a skate and a Wii Remote, an Iron Man Simulator to realize how to fly or mind controlled Angry Birds.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farewell GarageGeeks

Farewell GarageGeeks
I am resigning from my role at

Q: How? We never hired you.
A: Right. I was volunteering. I will cease my volunteering act. I will continue to be a geek/tech/maker/whatever, so please continue inviting me to events.

Q: Why?
A: Well... After 7 years and over 100 events, I think my community service is due. I will proceed to seek and find ways to empower the human race using other channels.

Q: What the heck are you talking about?
A: This place and the marvelous people I met and collaborated with, changed my life. Today I realize that the change happens because I was an active member. so my gain is directly related to the effort put into. The teachers at school always tel you that "you have allot of potential". You should know that in order to gain power (W), potential (V) is not enough, you need to multiply it with current (A). and that's where sweat comes in.

You may find some of the past projects at

Q: Where are you going to be?
A: Online and Offline. Watching inline breakpoints and Away from keyboard outline.
Just like the rest of you.

Q: Words to summarize?
A: I would like to quote the Beastie Boys:
"So this is what I’ve got to say to you all. Be true to yourself and you will never fall."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Innovative Thinking Inside the Box

You've probably been told before that you should "Think out of the box".
Well... you should also be creative while "thinking Inside the box"
Here is a quick Ignite presentation I gave at WPP Stream 2012 which outline few examples of why finding a solution for a problem should stay within the "problem's space", hence, "the box".

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Presenting at DLD Tel Aviv 2011

DLD (Digital - Life - Design) is a global conference network on innovation, digital media, science and culture. It connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration.

DLD Tel Aviv Summit is one of the events of Tel Aviv Festival.

DLD hosts were kind to invite Rafael Mizrahi, CEO at Feng-GUI to present at the following panels.

1 November
14:30 - 15:15 Brain Machine Interface
Moderated by:
Dr. Rafi Gidron - Chairman, Israel Brain Technologies; Former Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Precede and Chromatis
Rafael Mizrahi - GarageGeeks; CEO, Feng-GUI
Amnon Demri - Engineer and Entrepreneur
Prof. Nathan Intrator - Tel Aviv University
Imad Younis - President & CEO, Alpha Omega

Rafael Mizrahi presenting at Brain Machine Interface

Pick a StartUp - Showcasing Israeli Start-up companies at DLD festival
Out of all the digital Start-Up companies registered to this event, thirty companies will be randomly picked out to pitch its idea and will have the opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation each to to the audience which will include VC’s, Angels, leaders and executives of digital community.

Moderated by:
Vladimir (Vova) Soroka - Global Technology Unit (GTU) Leader, IBM
Yair Goldfinger - Co-founder & CEO, newCo; Co-founder, ICQ; Founder, Dotomi
Shimon Shocken - Computer Scientist Professor, IDC Herzliya
Stephanie Czerny - Managing Director, DLD Media & Ventures, Co-Founder DLD Conference
Marcel Reichart - Managing Director, DLD Media & Ventures, Co-Founder DLD

Feng-GUI presentation at Pick a StartUp

Feng-GUI presentation at Pick a StartUp

GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi Meet the Industry Leaders at DLD Tel Aviv

In the DLD festival the GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi will host "Meet the Industry Leaders" party.
We are inviting the entire entrepreneur community to meet with the leaders of the digital media industry.

This event will create a unique opportunity for leaders of the industry to connect with the next generation of leading entrepreneurs and potential business partners.
Moderated by Dr. Yossi Vardi – Co-Chairmen, DLD Tel Aviv Summit

* Christian Hernandez Gallardo – Director, Platform Partnerships EMEA, Facebook
* David Lawee – VP, Corporate Development, Google
* Dan Powers – Global VP Sales and Business Development, Amazon
* Dr. Hubert Burda – Co-Chairmen, DLD Tel Aviv Summit
* Haran Sold – Chief Strategy Officer, Alcatel-Lucent
* Arkady Volozh – Founder, Yandex
* Bhavneet Singh – Managing Director and Executive VP, MTV International

Rafael Mizrahi presenting at GarageGeeks party

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mind Controlling the Angry Birds game

Using emotiv neuro-headset to control the Angry Birds game.
Mapping mouse movement and mouse left button click using emotive EmoKey KeyMap and GlovePIE.
GlovePIE is used to map the emotive push to mouse left button click.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

60 LEDs Guitar

A Guitar which light LEDs to instruct you which string to fret and where to place your fingers.
The guitar was built during a 36 hours weekend at GeekCon conference.
Project members: Rafael Mizrahi, Yuval Sapir, Eitan Shefer

project page at :

Friday, June 25, 2010

GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi hosting Marissa Mayer, Google


in the series "meet the Industry leaders", the GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi invite you to a special garage event, to meet:

Marissa Mayer, Google Vice President, Search Products & User Experience

Greetings: Yossi Matias, Director of Israel R&D Center, Google

The event took place on:
Tuesday, June 29, 20:30 at GarageGeeks HQ, HaPeled 40, Holon

* This is a User Generated Dinner, so, bring some snacks and drinks to share with others.

Rafael Mizrahi and Marissa Mayer at GarageGeeks

Marissa Mayer sign the GarageGeeks wall

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Google Powers Awesome Iron Man Flight Simulator

article via businessinsider

A team of virtual reality enthusiasts working in Israel has built a simulator that recreates the experience of flying in the Iron Man suit.

Via the Google Earth Blog, the system is built around the Google Earth Flight Simulator, which lets you fly around Google's 3D representation of the world. This program is fed into a set of virtual reality goggles, controlled by a motion-sensitive Nintendo WiiMote attached to the wing off of an unmanned aerial vehicle -- that is, a drone. The user is strapped to the wing and a propeller, and the whole rig is suspended in the air by a small crane.

It's very weird, way too elaborate, and incredibly awesome.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Super-Size Boxee Box Spotted In The Wild

originally posted by andrew kippen at Boxee blog

Over the past few months Boxee been working closely with D-Link to really get to know the Boxee Box. running experiments in Boxee lab in Tel Aviv, and well, the results have been astounding.

One Israeli researcher, Rafael Mizrahi, has developed a special bond with the Boxee Box… he feeds it, polishes it, takes it on walks, tucks it in at night. Rafi’s special “TLC” has dramatically influenced the Boxee Box’s progression from small standalone set top box to something much more…

This specific Boxee Box has grown to 5 times normal size. It’s shed its austere black exterior for Boxee neon green, and taken a bath in Boxee logos. Not content with a normal Boxee Box’s HDMI and optical audio connections, the Box has developed its own “limbs” in the form of speakers and an HD monitor. It even has an IR port for that sexy Boxee Remote. Here’s a picture of Rafi taking the “Boxeecus Maximus” out for a walk in sunny Tel Aviv.

If you see this Box in the wild without a handler, please report it to us immediately as it has been known to wander into local bars in hopes of picking up “content providers”.

Juke Boxee Box project page
read the engadget coverage

Sunday, March 28, 2010

President Shimon Peres meets the GarageGeeks

Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the city of Holon.
The president was meeting with high school students, visited the "Invitation to Silence" exhibition at the Childrens Museum, and met the GarageGeeks and Dr. Yossi Vardi at the MediaTheque .
GarageGeeks member and Feng-GUI CEO, Rafael Mizrahi, presented to the president's staff about of the underground high-tech scene and creative activities in Holon and Israel.